Rent to Own or Lease Purchase

Some call it Rent to Own, others call it Lease Purchase,
the results are the same

Lease the Home of Your Dreams

Restore Your Credit – AT THE SAME TIME!

If you are renting and do not think
you can afford to own your own home…

Think Again!

With our “Rent to Own” program, you will save a minimum 5% – 8% down payment on a home and in most cases your mortgage payment will be less than what you are paying for rent.

We can refer you to local mortgage credit specialists to assist you in financing at the end of your two – three year “rent to own” purchase option.

Lease Purchase your home today !

One of the biggest advantages of buying a rent to own (Lease Purchase) home is the fact that you can live in the home you want right now, even if you can’t or don’t want to buy it right away. You don’t have to go rent a house or an apartment first while you work on your credit, and then buy a home later.

Lease Purchase your home today !

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